Sonic Branding in a Sound On World

With smart technology, social audio apps, voice search, and the low touch economy going where it’s going, sound will eventually become 50% of the brand experience. Are you ready?

Sonic Branding

Sound offers the opportunity for a small business to market at the same level or beyond what a larger business can do. It’s all about strategy and imagination.

With proper strategy and care, sound can add a level of emotion and depth to your brand that is hard to rival. With sound, you can reach consumers at a more guttural level, thus speaking to them individually within their own context and perspective.

Sound Grows in Real Time

When you come up with a visual logo, you plaster that sucker everywhere. It’s all over your social, website, letterhead, packaging. When the time comes to re-brand that logo you have to go through it all over again. You have to take down all that hard work to create and upload your re-brand. Exhausting but definitely necessary.

McDonald’s iterates many versions of the same sonic logo at the same time giving exponential life to the creative.

Why Do It? Why Now?

“Well Jeanna, that’s still a lot of work and money. My visual logo is working great on its own. I think I’ll stick with what I have.”

In Conclusion

A screen-less and more mobile society is our present and our future. This is not a maybe; it’s a fact. Now is the time and opportunity for brands to explore and discover sonic branding within their own branding before EVERYONE has caught on and the prices get astronomically high and no sound agency has time for your sonic branding project.

Sound is a language we all speak and the consumer is just waiting to hear yours.

Little boys having fun and playing music.



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Jeanna Isham

Jeanna Isham


I‘m a writer of music & designer of sound. My husband and I own and run an audio/video production company in SoCal. We’re raising 2 tiny humans in the process.