Sonic Branding For Small Business; The Golden Goose of Future Marketing

How to leverage the power of sonic branding to compete with big business.

Jeanna Isham
4 min readJul 11


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Sound On Purpose

Sonic branding, the art of incorporating custom and curated sounds into brand marketing, as of recently, has been primarily harnessed by big brands alone.


Sonic branding is not just a six or seven-figure sonic branding package. Instead, it can be as simple as incorporating (or omitting) one or two simple branded sounds within a brand strategy.

Sonic branding is accessible and attainable for brands both big and small.

The beauty of sonic branding is that it can be anything. It doesn’t have to be a pricey licensing deal for the latest popular track. Instead, it could be a 3-second sonic logo, theme music for a brands’ podcast, a start-up sound for a piece of tech, functional sounds for apps, rhythmic vibrations for hardware. It could be for curated music playlists for brick and mortar shops, catchphrases (sing-songy or not), jingles for digital advertising buys, the actual sounds a physical product does and does not make, and the list goes on.

Sonic branding is all about creativity through sonic waveforms.

Big business or small business doesn’t matter. The trick is; “sound on purpose and sound on brand.”

Business Advantage

According to a recent IPSOS study, only 8% of marketing assets included sonic cues or music. However, when distinctive brand assets were used, those with sound were 8.5X more likely to be high performers. For perspective, visuals were ranked as only 3X as likely.

A lost opportunity?


Knowing that these are such high performers in marketing should send everyone flooding to the sonic branding agencies to get their branded sounds. But that hasn’t happened quite yet.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Small business could catch on to this before their…