How Do Marketers Market to Kids Now That Aisle Browsing is a No Go

Child hugging an enormous stuffed bear in a toy store.

Browsing aimlessly down the aisles of Target used to be such a break and release. Now it’s become highly stressful and a hurried chore.

So with the aisle browsing option not an option, how do brands and marketers tell kids what to ask for?

Tickle Me Elmo

Elmo doll

With the doll’s call to action being “tickle me” and no toy to tickle, would the same insane craze have happened?

Sensory Marketing

We are lacking that physical immersive experience we used to have. So how do we relate to our consumer?

Trailblazing A New Perspective

Multiple toys arranged in rows.

If we can’t touch a toy, we try and relate to it sensorially through another perspective.

Explore the senses. Your ROI will thank you.

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