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When you think of the word “sadness” what images come to mind? What emotions? Does sadness mean devastation, heartbreak, loneliness, misery, depression, longing?

With all of these different definitions for sadness, how could we possibly define and confine them within one interpretation of a Spotify playlist?

A UX designer friend of mine wrote a very thought provoking article recently discussing a Spotify feature she was developing. It identified musical preferences by the user selecting a mood such as “bright mood” and then navigating to a drop down defining said “bright mood” further; happy, euphoric, relaxed, sentimental, motivated, spiritual, optimistic.


We can describe a black t-shirt in a lot of different ways; its texture, its hue, and collar style. But what if we were to describe what it sounds like?

I’ve been working with a company called Adsonica for the past year and they have strategically aligned themselves with a very unique opportunity within e-commerce where finding a product sound is now a viable option.

Adsonica is a sonic marketing tool that allows you to embed audio into an image file. Its patented technology allows for a no coding option that then compresses those media deliverables into a formatted package…

Machine learning is only as diverse as the person teaching it. Wise takeaways from my Sound In Marketing podcast guest Noelle Silver; data scientist, Microsoft MVP in AI award winner, and social conscience.

In 2014, the year Alexa was “born”, she joined Amazon to help build out an education team at AWS. She wanted to figure out some kind of structure for developer training. It was through this work that she received a Beta version of Alexa and started to explore voice and voice app development.

Noelle was fascinated by the idea of talking to a kitchen device.

All About Perspective

AI may…

Amp Sound Branding

I sat down with Vijay Iyer, head of amp Sound Branding in the U.S. They are an international, multi-cultural sonic branding agency with offices in Germany, the U.S. and China. “From consulting and advertising, photography and performing arts, social sciences and languages to psychology and customer experience, everyone at amp is a superhero with their unique superpowers- all united by the love for music and sound”.

Vijay and I talked about all the latest that’s being done in sonic branding across the globe and what’s left to be done. …

The Maker and the Seller

For this article, I really wanted to show off both ends of the near range audio spectrum. I decided to interview two audio professionals on both the quality sound creation side as well as the sound sales side. You can hear the full conversation on Episode 46 and Episode 47 of the Sound In Marketing podcast.

Andrew Bellavia of Knowles Corp. has been a component supplier to the audio industry his whole career. During this time, he has witnessed quite a bit of change in the audio space. …

Pandora and Studio Resonate

I spoke with Group Creative Director Roger Sho Gehrmann at Pandora’s Studio Resonate about the future of streaming audio advertising. In 2019, Studio Resonate launched. Originally, it was designed as a digital audio production house (the 1st one in the world apparently) with a team of about 50 creatives from all different backgrounds. However, when Pandora switched on the advertising function, they realized that there was a disconnect.

Before streaming, TV and radio spots were the main method of audio advertising. The TV spots were produced at the TV stations and the radio spots were recorded by whichever radio DJ…

An Alexa Champion

I got to speak with Ilarna Nche, an Amazon Alexa developer for voice first apps. She started off building voice apps from scratch both from the user experience (UX) end as well as from the technical design perspective. Currently, she is working with on the tech side of things. Ilarna also just became one of only two Alexa Champion recipients from the UK for 2020.

For those unfamiliar with the term, an Alexa Champion is an individual that’s been recognized as a “pioneer in voice” on their voice developing expertise and contribution to Amazon Alexa app design. …

Yada Yada Yada

Most of us know the show Seinfeld. Some of us grew up with it. Some of us discovered it long after the last episode aired on May 14, 1998. Regardless of where we stand on the show, if you grew up in the US, you at least know the name. And if, by chance, you don’t know the name (which please tell me if you haven’t because I would be extremely curious how that could be) I guarantee you are familiar with at least a few of the isms that came out of it to become part of our pop…

At the time that I drafted this article (Fall 2019), a lot more has hit the “airwaves” for lack of a better term. I promise to do a follow up article to this one but seeing as this information is still valid and holds weight, I wanted to release it anyways.

Although there are a bunch of platforms that advertise through sound and music, I decided to start the conversation off with two that were most noteworthy to me in present day; Pandora and Spotify.

I find both highly intriguing because they continue to surprise me on what they are…

I talked with Alex Woodrich from Why Do Birds, an audio branding agency based in Berlin Germany. Alex founded it about 10 years ago with the intent of contracting more sonic branding work. The name Why Do Birds came from the metaphor of a bird. Birds have a beautiful corporate design. They are easy to distinguish as each bird has its own song.

Why don’t we do it like birds? They are both visually stimulating and pleasing to listen to; just as we’d want our brand to be thought of I would imagine? …

Jeanna Isham

I‘m a writer of music & designer of sound. My husband and I own and run an audio/video production company in SoCal. We’re raising 2 tiny humans in the process.

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