26 Years Strong and This M&M Commercial Still Gives Us All the Feels

Red and Yellow M&M got up close and personal with Santa and we can’t get enough.

Jeanna Isham



Generally, I dissect marketing in a much more analytical way. But as it is the Holidays, I just want to share one of my favorite commercials for the pure joy of it. There may be some analyzing but it will be purely one-sided I can guarantee.

In 1996, Red and Yellow M&M met Santa for the very first time. And it was unforgettable.

The commercial

I was 15 when the iconic, “Fainting Santa” commercial first aired. The loveable M&M’s Red and Yellow walked into a Christmas-bedazzled living room while The Nutcracker played in the background. They were discussing the existence or lack thereof of Santa when they bumped into the big man himself.

There’s a moment of shock from both sides and then the famous lines that changed my Christmas commercial experience forever were delivered.

Red M&M: “He does exist!”

Santa: “They do exist!”

{Red and Santa both faint simultaneously]

Yellow M&M: “Santa?”

{Music ends right after Yellow delivers his line}